The car axle is not as popular as shock absorbers or brake discs, probably because it is designed to last for many years before needing replacement. The lack of knowledge about this important component makes it easy for unprincipled people to deceive the public looking for used car axles for sale, offering them parts with excessive wear or problems not apparent to the untrained eye.

This situation has motivated the Rear Axle Assembly team to prepare this article, where we will first study the basics such as what is a car axle, what are the types of car axles, and how to know when your car axle assembly is damaged, and then explore how to choose and buy a used axle assembly without getting scammed.


There is no point in buying a car axle if your vehicle does not require one. So before you even think about finding used car axles for sale, it’s a good idea to review the most common symptoms that occur when your axle assembly is deficient or bad.

  • Vibrations. It’s easy to confuse vibrations in the steering wheel and/or the car with those related to problems with tire balancing, brake discs, etc. Vibrations caused by a defective axle shaft are usually continuous, i.e., they are present regardless of how fast you are driving or whether you are braking or not.
  • Strange sounds. Usually, when you hear a loud, thumping sound when you put your car in gear, it is because your axle or one of its components is defective.
  • Bad axle. Finally, if you put your vehicle in gear, but it does not move even when the engine is running, then it is likely that your axle is damaged.

Firstly it is necessary to explain why we recommend buying used rear axles online and not from a local salvage yard or repair shop.

  • Inspection. Thinking of buying a used rear axle assembly or a used rear axle assembly without inspecting it thoroughly is not a good idea, as you can easily be ripped off. This implies that you should know how to inspect the pinion & gear, stub axle, and other components for deformations, leaks, chipped teeth, etc. Another option would be to hire a mechanic to check the used axle assembly for you, but the additional cost would not make it an optimal solution.
  • Shipping and handling. Rear Axle Assembly are heavy parts, so you may need to pay an additional shipping and handling fee to get the car axle assembly where your car is located. This again would be an additional cost unless the scrapyard has free shipping.
  • Convenience. Last but not least is the aspect of convenience. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to buy the used rear axle assembly online from the comfort of your own home?

At Rear Axle Assembly, each of the parts we offer to the public goes through a rigorous 4-step quality control process. This allows us to provide a 30-90 Days warranty on all Rear Axle Assembly as well as an outstanding after-sales service. Our extensive inventory features hundreds of car axles at unbeatable prices. In case you have problems finding the right car axle assembly for your car (or any other part you need) do not hesitate to contact us, the specialists at Rear Axle Assembly will be happy to help you through the whole process.